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19 Jul

Dowling Street

Reflections II
Was filling in time on a visit to town, so decided to take a walk around Dowling Street in Dunedin and came across these amazing buildings and reflections. It seems fitting that with so much art housed in numerous galleries in this street...
11 Feb

University of Otago

University of Otago
The University of Otago Campus is adorned with a delightful mix of architecture as I found out early one Sunday morning when I spent a few hours walking around.  The atmosphere of the whole campus has left me feeling...
28 Sep


Middlemarch Station
With dogs and camera packed, I took a road trip to Middlemarch this weekend and what a stunning place it is.  About an hour’s drive is all it takes to feel like you are the only person on the...
13 Sep

Dunedin Railway Station

Dunedin Railway Station II
The Dunedin Railway Station is the most AMAZING building you could ever imagine and this gallery has just three of many images to come.  Not only does it have this fabulous exterior but the interior is next on my list...
18 Jan

Dunedin Chinese Gardens

Dunedin Chinese Gardens
Spent some time at the Dunedin Chinese Gardens … what a serene place and so extremely photogenic.  These are the images I took and if you ever want a place of tranquility in this busy town, then I can...